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Topic » Hotels
 Hotels and Resorts in Mount Abu
 Castle Rock, Mount Abu  Castle Rock, Mount Abu
 The Jaipur House, Mount Abu  The Jaipur House, Mount Abu
 Saraswati Hotel , Mount abu  Saraswati Hotel , Mount abu
 Hotel Maharaja International, Mount Abu  Hotel Maharaja International, Mount Abu
 Hotel Sunrise Palace, Mount Abu  Hotel Sunrise Palace, Mount Abu
 Hotel Maganji’s, Mount Abu  Hotel Maganji’s, Mount Abu
 Connaught House, Mount Abu  Connaught House, Mount Abu

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 Hotels in Mumbai
 Hotels in Chembur Mumbai Hotels in Chembur Mumbai
 Hotels in Apollo Bunder Mumbai Hotels in Apollo Bunder Mumbai
 Hotels in Ballard Estate Mumbai Hotels in Ballard Estate Mumbai
 Hotels in Juhu Mumbai Hotels in Juhu Mumbai
 Hotels in Khar Mumbai Hotels in Khar Mumbai
 Hotels in Andheri Mumbai Hotels in Andheri Mumbai
 Hotels in Byculla Mumbai Hotels in Byculla Mumbai

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 Hotels and Resorts in Khandala & Lonavala
 Whispering Woods Country Club,Lonavala  Whispering Woods Country Club,Lonavala
 Kailash Parbat Hotel , Lonavala  Kailash Parbat Hotel , Lonavala
 Hotel Vallerina, Khandala  Hotel Vallerina, Khandala
 Mount View Resort , Khandala  Mount View Resort , Khandala
 The Dukes Retreat ,Khandala  The Dukes Retreat ,Khandala
 Hotel Fun-N-Food Khandala  Hotel Fun-N-Food Khandala
 Hotel Rajdhani , Lonavla  Hotel Rajdhani , Lonavla

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 Resorts in Goa
 Bollywood Sea Queen, Goa  Bollywood Sea Queen, Goa
 Sodders Gloria Anne Hotel ,Goa  Sodders Gloria Anne Hotel ,Goa
 Aguada Hermitage Resort  Aguada Hermitage Resort
 La Calypso Hotel Goa  La Calypso Hotel Goa
 Coconut Grove Resort Goa  Coconut Grove Resort Goa
 Maizon Lake View Resort, Goa  Maizon Lake View Resort, Goa
 Longuinhos Beach Resort, Goa  Longuinhos Beach Resort, Goa

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 Kasauli Hotel and Resorts
 Kasauli Regency, Kasauli  Kasauli Regency, Kasauli
 Parsonage Heritage , Kasauli  Parsonage Heritage , Kasauli
 Blossom Resort , Kasauli  Blossom Resort , Kasauli
 Bird View Resort, Kasauli  Bird View Resort, Kasauli
 Kasauli Woods Hotel, Kasauli  Kasauli Woods Hotel, Kasauli
 Grand  Maurice Hotel ,Kasauli  Grand Maurice Hotel ,Kasauli
 Sunrise Cottage, Kasauli  Sunrise Cottage, Kasauli

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 Mahabaleshwar Hotels
 Hotel Anarkali  Hotel Anarkali
 Sherwood Resort  Sherwood Resort
 Valley View Resort from Mahabaleshwar  Valley View Resort from Mahabaleshwar
 Hotel Sun City  Mahabaleshwar  Hotel Sun City Mahabaleshwar
 Hotel Rajesh Mahabaleshwar  Hotel Rajesh Mahabaleshwar
 Vimal Gardens from Post Office Lane, Mahabaleshwar  Vimal Gardens from Post Office Lane, Mah..
 Ramsukh Resorts and Spa in Mahabaleshwar  Ramsukh Resorts and Spa in Mahabaleshwar

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 Kodaikanal Hotels and Resorts
 Green Mist Hotel, Kodaikanal  Green Mist Hotel, Kodaikanal
 Kodai International Hotel, Kodaikanal  Kodai International Hotel, Kodaikanal
 Hotel Gurupriya , Kodaikanal  Hotel Gurupriya , Kodaikanal
 Hotel Garden Manor Kodaikanal  Hotel Garden Manor Kodaikanal
 Hotel Bala Kodaikanal  Hotel Bala Kodaikanal
 Quality Inn Sabari Resorts ,Kodaikanal  Quality Inn Sabari Resorts ,Kodaikanal
 Hotel Jai, Kodaikanal  Hotel Jai, Kodaikanal

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 Hotel and Resorts in Kullu Manali
 River Country Resort  , Manali  River Country Resort , Manali
 Asia Sulphur Springs, Manali  Asia Sulphur Springs, Manali
 Hotel Monalisa , Manali  Hotel Monalisa , Manali
 Hotel Century Gangri, Manali  Hotel Century Gangri, Manali
 Hotel Shambhala , Manali  Hotel Shambhala , Manali
 British Hotel , Manali  British Hotel , Manali

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 Coonoor Hotels and Resorts
 Kurumba Village Resort , Coonoor  Kurumba Village Resort , Coonoor
 Taj Garden Retreat, Coonoor  Taj Garden Retreat, Coonoor
 Wallwood Garden, Coonoor  Wallwood Garden, Coonoor
 Velan Hotel Ritz, Coonoor  Velan Hotel Ritz, Coonoor
 Hotel Vivek, Coonoor  Hotel Vivek, Coonoor
 Adderley Guest House, Coonoor  Adderley Guest House, Coonoor

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 Hotel and Resorts in Jaipur
 Hotel Pratap, Jaipur  Hotel Pratap, Jaipur
 Hotel Classic Holidays , Jaipur  Hotel Classic Holidays , Jaipur
 Fly View Hotel, Jaipur  Fly View Hotel, Jaipur
 Hotel Maharani Plaza , Jaipur  Hotel Maharani Plaza , Jaipur
 Sajjan Niwas , Jaipur  Sajjan Niwas , Jaipur
 The Raj Palace , Jaipur  The Raj Palace , Jaipur
 Hotel Royal Castle Kanota , Jaipur  Hotel Royal Castle Kanota , Jaipur

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 Coorg Hotels and Resorts
 Alath Cad Coorg Homestay, Coorg  Alath Cad Coorg Homestay, Coorg
 Roxel Inn Hallery Estate, Coorg  Roxel Inn Hallery Estate, Coorg
 Hotel Sand Banks , Coorg  Hotel Sand Banks , Coorg
 Silent Valley Cottages , Coorg  Silent Valley Cottages , Coorg
 Filaa Holiday Resort , Coorg  Filaa Holiday Resort , Coorg
 Coffee Valley Resort, Coorg  Coffee Valley Resort, Coorg
 Kanika International, Coorg  Kanika International, Coorg

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 Shimla Hotels and Resorts
 Hotel Springfields , Shimla  Hotel Springfields , Shimla
 Shilon Resort, Shimla  Shilon Resort, Shimla
 Camp Potters Hill, Shimla  Camp Potters Hill, Shimla
 Hotel Gulmarg Regency, Shimla  Hotel Gulmarg Regency, Shimla
 Aamod Resort , Shimla  Aamod Resort , Shimla
 Woodstock Resort , Shimla  Woodstock Resort , Shimla
 Ambush Resort, Shimla  Ambush Resort, Shimla

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 Puri Hotels and Resorts
 Hotel Sonar Bangla , Puri  Hotel Sonar Bangla , Puri
 Lee Garden Hotel , Puri  Lee Garden Hotel , Puri
 Hotel Dreamland , Puri  Hotel Dreamland , Puri
 Surya Beach Inn , Puri  Surya Beach Inn , Puri
 Hotel Nilachal Ashok , Puri  Hotel Nilachal Ashok , Puri
 B.N.R Hotel, Puri  B.N.R Hotel, Puri
 Pearl Beach Club & Resort , Puri  Pearl Beach Club & Resort , Puri

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 Hotel and Resorts in Nainital
 Country Inn, Sattal , Nainital  Country Inn, Sattal , Nainital
 Hotel Channi Raja , Nainital  Hotel Channi Raja , Nainital
 Balrampur House , Nainital  Balrampur House , Nainital
 James Cook's Cabins, Nainital  James Cook's Cabins, Nainital
 Dolmaar Resort, Nainital  Dolmaar Resort, Nainital
 Hotel Manu Maharani ,Nainital  Hotel Manu Maharani ,Nainital
 Hotel Kurmanchal, Nainital  Hotel Kurmanchal, Nainital

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 Hotels List in India
 Nagaland :: Kohima :: Hotels List  Nagaland :: Kohima :: Hotels List
 Maharashtra :: Pune :: 2 Star hotels List  Maharashtra :: Pune :: 2 Star hotels Lis..
 Karnataka :: Bangalore :: 2 Star hotels List  Karnataka :: Bangalore :: 2 Star hotels ..
 Himachal Pradesh :: Kasauli :: Hotels List  Himachal Pradesh :: Kasauli :: Hotels Li..
 Maharashtra :: Alibaug :: Hotels List  Maharashtra :: Alibaug :: Hotels List
 Rajasthan :: Kumbhalgarh :: Hotels List  Rajasthan :: Kumbhalgarh :: Hotels List
 Maharashtra :: Dapoli :: Hotels List  Maharashtra :: Dapoli :: Hotels List

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 Hotel and Resorts in Mussoorie
 Hotel Peak View Mussoorie  Hotel Peak View Mussoorie
 Highness Heights Mussoorie  Highness Heights Mussoorie
 Hotel Mall Palace, Mussoorie  Hotel Mall Palace, Mussoorie
 Oasis Resort Mussoorie  Oasis Resort Mussoorie
 Hotel Lords Mussoorie  Hotel Lords Mussoorie
 Hotel Library Presidency, Mussoorie  Hotel Library Presidency, Mussoorie
 Brentwood Hotel, Mussoorie  Brentwood Hotel, Mussoorie

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 Hotels in Agra
 Agra :: Park View Hotel  Agra :: Park View Hotel
 Agra :: Siddhartha Hotel  Agra :: Siddhartha Hotel
 Agra :: Ranjit Hotel  Agra :: Ranjit Hotel
 Agra :: Dinesh Hotel  Agra :: Dinesh Hotel
 Agra :: Hotel Sunrise  Agra :: Hotel Sunrise
 Agra :: Viren Intl Hotel  Agra :: Viren Intl Hotel
 Agra :: Hotel Mansingh Palace  Agra :: Hotel Mansingh Palace

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 Munnar Hotels and Resort
 Ayur County Resorts, Munnar  Ayur County Resorts, Munnar
 Hotel Edassery Eastend, Munnar  Hotel Edassery Eastend, Munnar
 Fort Munnar Hotel, Munnar  Fort Munnar Hotel, Munnar
 T & U Leisure Hotel , Munnar  T & U Leisure Hotel , Munnar
 Birds Lagoon Village Resort, Munnar  Birds Lagoon Village Resort, Munnar
 Munnar Woods Resort Munnar  Munnar Woods Resort Munnar
 Misha Holiday Homes , Munnar  Misha Holiday Homes , Munnar

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 Hotels in Varanasi
 Varanasi :: Hotel Buddha  Varanasi :: Hotel Buddha
 Varanasi :: Hotel Barahdari  Varanasi :: Hotel Barahdari
 Varanasi :: Hotel India  Varanasi :: Hotel India
 Varanasi :: Hotel Gautam  Varanasi :: Hotel Gautam
 Varanasi :: Hotel Malti  Varanasi :: Hotel Malti
 Varanasi :: Hotel Ideal Tops  Varanasi :: Hotel Ideal Tops
 Varanasi :: Hotel Arya  Varanasi :: Hotel Arya

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 Ooty Hotels and Resorts
 Holiday Inn Gem Park Ooty  Holiday Inn Gem Park Ooty
 Nahar Residency Hotel Ooty  Nahar Residency Hotel Ooty
 Blue Valley Resort ,Ooty  Blue Valley Resort ,Ooty
 The Willow Hill , Ooty  The Willow Hill , Ooty
 Hotel Preethi Palace ,Ooty  Hotel Preethi Palace ,Ooty
 Fortune Hotel Sullivan Court, Ooty  Fortune Hotel Sullivan Court, Ooty
 Nalapad Residency Ooty  Nalapad Residency Ooty

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 Others Hotels
 Manali :: Hotel Orchad Green  Manali :: Hotel Orchad Green
 Varanasi :: Hotel Pradeep  Varanasi :: Hotel Pradeep
 Kasauli Castle Resort , Kasauli  Kasauli Castle Resort , Kasauli
 Khandala :: Hotel Velvett Country  Khandala :: Hotel Velvett Country
 Ooty :: Hotel Darshan  Ooty :: Hotel Darshan
 Varanasi :: Sita Guest House  Varanasi :: Sita Guest House
 Mussoorie :: The Pearl Hotel  Mussoorie :: The Pearl Hotel

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 Hotels in Delhi
 Hotels in Mayur Vihar (Delhi) Hotels in Mayur Vihar (Delhi)
 Hotels in Greater Kailash (Delhi ) Hotels in Greater Kailash (Delhi )
 Other Hotels in delhi Other Hotels in delhi
 Hotels in Kalkaji New Delhi Hotels in Kalkaji New Delhi
 Hotels in Chandni Chowk (Delhi) Hotels in Chandni Chowk (Delhi)
 Hotels on Mathura Road Delhi Hotels on Mathura Road Delhi
 Hotels in Sunder Nagar New Delhi Hotels in Sunder Nagar New Delhi

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