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District Kupwara

  Topic » Dictionary of India » Districts Profile of India » Jammu and Kashmir Districts
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Kupwara is a district of  Jammu and Kashmir state in India. The District Headquarter "Kupwara" is situated at a distance of 90 kms from the summer capital of state, i.e. Srinagar.

Geography of Kupwara
Geographical area of the Kupwara District is 2379 sq kms.  North west part of the Kupwara District is bound by line of actual control  (L.O.C)) while the southern portion is bound by the District Baramulla.

Rivers and Canals in Kupwara District
Bapora Khul : It comes from Bapora Alsoosa (Chowkibal area) and provides water to lands upto Trehgam.

Bata Moji : It originates from the glaciers of Shamsbari and Irrigates land from Nachiyan to Teetwal (Karnah)

Chota Khul (Haihama Nala) : It has its source in Kani Bahak in Haihama and then some more Nallas join it. It joins Lolab Nala in Kupwara town.

Dall Khul : This canal gets water from Nala Lolab at Zangli (Kupwara) and Irrigates land from there up to Drugmulla.

Dahgam Khul :  This canal flows through parts of Lolab.

Dangarwari : It gets its water from Kahmil near Redi Chowkibal area and Irrigates land upto Tarthpora.

Dudi (Duda Khul) :
It comes from Reetuwali Gully near Kajinag. Its water is white as milk and joins Kehmil near about Dranyadi.(T.P)

Hee Bar : Comes from Redi and meets Rehman Dulj at Kralpore and irrigates the land of Trehgam Town.

Kahmil  :  It has its origin in Satkholnag of Kajinag Mountain. It is an important source of irrigation from Chowkibal to Kupwara and then joins Pohru nala near Kupwara.

Kishan Ganga  :
This  river is revered by hindus and mainly forms the line of control in Keran and Karnah areas.It comes from the Himalayas and flows into Dumail Pakistan.

Kalaroos Nala : This rivulet comes from Moori Kalaroos irrigating lands of Kalaroos and Khumriyal and then joins Nala Lolab near Khumriyal.

Kashur Katha : This Nala originates from Dut Gully and runs amidst Keran area and finally drops in Kishan Ganga.

Lolab  : It comes into existence by meeting various rivulets at Woovra, Khumriyal etc. in Lolab and irrigates great deal of land up to Kupwara and then joins Pohru nala.

Lal khul : This canal has been dug by the famous King of Kashmir Sultan Zainul Abideen (Badshah). It gets its water  from Pohru Nala near Kupwara and is source of irrigation from Kupwara to Bomai. A lift station also supplements its water near Vodhpora.

Mawer : It comes from the glaciers and springs of Satkholnag and Kajinag and Irrigates land in Mawar area and then joins the Jehlum.

Manchir : This canal irrigates  land of various village of Lolab. Dahgam Khul and Badi Khul of Diver provide water to  this canal. It also provides water to Lalpore, Diver, Gund Macher etc.

Malik Khol : It has been cut from Kahmil near Tumina in Chowkibal area and irrigates land upto Tarthpora.

Puhru : This river comes in to existence at Kupwara when Kehmil, Lolab Nala, Bohipora Nala and Haihama Nala meet together .It meets Hehlem in Doabgah Sopore. It is an important source of Irrigation from Kupwara to Sopore and also provides water to Lal Khul.

Nala Vij : Comes from Chowkibal and joins Kehmil near Gushi.

Rehman Dullj : It is derived from Batpora Kehmil near Redi Chowkibal and irrigates land upto  Trehgam and then again drops into Kehmil.

Taler :
It also comes from Satkholnag and irrigates land in Rajwar area and then joins Pohru at Kulangam.

Latitude of Kupwara city :
34.17 to 34.21 East
Longitude of Kupwara city :  73.10 to 73.16 north

About Kupwara District

District Kupwara was originally part of erstwhile undivided district Baramulla. District Kupwara was carved out of district Baramulla in July 1979.

Tehsils in Kupwara District
In Kupwara there are 3 Tehsils

Blocks in Kupwara District
In Kupwara there are 8 Blocks

Cities and Towns in Kupwara District

Religious Place in Kupwara District

Jamia Masjid Kupwara
Gazi Masjid
Kheer Bawani Temple
Jamia Masjid Tangdar
Badra Kali Temple
Jamia Masjid Handwara

Tourist Place in Kupwara District

Karnah Micro Hydel Project
Nandrishi Pir's tomb at Magam
Dhyaneshwar temple at Smattan
Ruins of Ramkund temple at Farkaian
Shardania temple at Guglusa

Spiritual Place in Kupwara District

This asthapan is in village Tikker and attributed to Devi Kheer Bawani. There is a sacred spring, a devi’s temple and some inns for the visitors.

He has been a famous saint of recent times, who left this world a few years back. He was also known as Qadir Sahib and had many disciples. His shrine is in his native village at Hiri Trehgam.

He was also brother of Nata Reshi Sahib and his shrine is located in village Lank Reshi in Villagam area. People have true faith in his shrine.

This shrine is located in Taratpora village. People of the area believe that Malcha Khan was a  pious  country man who was assassinated by some enemies. The enemies wanted to behave badly with his corpse but it disappeared due to his spiritual power and reached Tarathpora where it was buried with honour.

This shrine is in Kanthpora Lolab. Azhar sahib was the son of Mir Mohammad Ibrahim and was known to be very intelligent, having high spiritual power. He was the disciple of Nunda Sahib Armpori and had adopted Qadri sect of Muslims.

This shrine is situated in Machil.

A festival is celebrated at this shrine every year, known as Alla Worus (Pumpkin Festival).

It is palce of pilgrimage for the Hindus. There stands a dormant volcano nearby which is also sacred for Hindus. It is situated in Rajwar, village  Badra Kali in Handwara Tehsil.

The Shrine is in Meelyal and she is reported to be sister of Nata Reshi. People distribute Kheer,etc.at the Shrine.

This shrine is in village Gundi Momen, near Pazipora. It is stated that Haji Sahib  went to Mecca to perform  Haj  seven times, on foot.

As per Historian Hassan’s statement, he was the disciple of Baba Naseebudin Gazi. He worked as a carpenter, always kept fasts and prayed during nights and never ate meat.

This shrine is located in Haftradda, Chowkibal. A festival used to be held at this Shrine on 11th Zilhaj every year. Syed Jalal-ud-din Bukhari performed a Chilla here.

This tomb is in Gaziriyal. He was among the first caliphs of Sultunal- Arifeen, Baba Nasru-ud-din Gazi has been his spiritual  teacher.

MIR SADRADIN SAHIB SHRINE : This Shrine is also located in Kanthpora. He was the second son of Mir Mohammad Ibrahim. He received spiritual knowledge from Hazrat Jamaludin Indrabi. He had built a mosque in Kanthpora

This Shrine is on the hill Gadi in Doodwan near Kupwara. He was a God fearing saint.  Near the Shrine lies the famous Darul Uloom Kupwara.

MIR MOHAMMAD IBRAHIM SHRINE : This Shrine is in Kantpora. He was master in spiritual power. He has also been a political, religious and social leader and son in law of Baba Davood Narwari.

SAID MALIUN OR SADHU GANGA : It is located in the village Kandi Khas of Handwara Tehsil, about 12 Kms  from Kupwara. Pandit’s believe that it is the shrine of Panditji Goswami and the Muslims believe that it is the shrine of Syed Malik Shahib.

This Shrine is located in village Diver. It is said that he was an religious preacher and has converted all the Hindus of Driver to Islam.

This Shrine is also located in Kanthpora. He was the second son of Mir Mohammad Ibrahim. He received spiritual knowledge from Hazrat Jamaludin Indrabi. He had built a mosque in Kanthpora

SHRINES : Of Keran area are Siyan Sahib Kachil wale, Kundyan wale, Sheer Dil Ziyarat and Shahid Sahib Deiri wale Diziyara.

SYED BENGAL SAHIB SHRINE  : This Shrine is in Krusan Lolab. It is said that he is one of  those syeds who came to Kashmir with Shah Hamdan.  There stands a Jamia Mosque besides it.

This Shrine is in Kantpora. He was master in spiritual power. He has also been a political, religious and social leader and son in law of Baba Davood Narwari.

ZAITI SHAH SHRINE : This famous shrine is located in Muqam Shahwali, three Kms  from Kupwara. Zati Shah was an Army commander of the famous ruler of Kashmir, Ali Shah Chek and disciple of Sheikh Hamzah Makhdoomi.  Zati Shah’s spring of  historical importance and a splendid Jamia Masjid are in the compound of the shrine.

NATARISHI SAHIB SHRINE : Natareshi belongs to Reshi school of thought of the Muslims. He never ate fish or meat. On his anniversary the people of Trehgam, Hayan, Hirri, Hundi, Ladarwan, Kunan and Poshpora cook only radish and turnip and the festival is known as (Goog Gee Bud Doh)

This shrine is located in the heart of Kupwara and is equally respected by Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs, it is believed that Syed Mohammad was one of the Sadats who came to Kashmir with Shah Hamdan. The old Jamia Masjid near the Shrine was constructed  by the Chek Rulers.

HAZRAT MEHMOOD SHAH SHRINE : He is also known as Khoja Sahib and his Shrine is in Bubarnag. The spring and the Shrine both are  much revered. People bathe in the water of the spring for  cure of skin diseases.

This shrine is located in Lolab. Eleven springs ooze out from the roots of eleven  trees near the shrine. Both Hindus and Mulsims have deep faith in the Shrine.

PRAKASH AKHOON SHRINE : His Shrine is located in village Gushi. Prakash Ram was a saintly person and taught Arabic and Persian and even religious books to Muslims of the area. This is why he was known as Akhoon.

His shrine is in Sohipora Haihama. Mohammad Joo was a great scholar of Islamic theology. Even Allama Anwar Shah Lolabi has been his disciple. He was actually from Badrakali, Handwara. His father Rahi Joo was also a man of spirituality.

HINGAN KOOT SHRINE : There is the combined shrine of Syed Nasirdin Bukhari and Syed Jalaudin Bukhari who were the disciples of Din Mohammad Fakir of Poonch. It is believed that Din Mohammad completed his chilla in the dangerous mountains of Shamsbari for 12 years.

SHEIKH BABA SHUMNAGI : His Shrine is near the famous spring of Shumnag, about 12 kms in the west of Kupwara on road side.

QAMAR RESHI SAHIB SHRINE :  This shrine is in Dedikoot village. Qamar Reshi Sahib was  brother of Nata Reshi. It is said that he had cut off his  genitle  organ  as somebody had alleged that he had  not moral relationships with women.

RASOOL SHAH SAHIB SHRINE : This shrine is in Takia Khurhama. Rasool Sahib had three sons, Syed Rahmatullah Pir Khaki, Syed Jalil Sahib Khaki and Wali Pir Khaki.

SHRINE OF AMIN OWASI : This Shrine of famous theologist and saint Haji Mohammad Amin Owasi is located in Kasheera 3 Kms in the east of Kupwara. Haji Amin Owasi belongs to Owasi sect of Muslims and was a man of spiritually and had thousands of followers in the state.

REHMAN SAHIB CHERA KOOT : This saint of Nakashbandi sect was a disciple of famous saint of Drava, Mian Nizamudin.

Wirdul Mareedeen states that Sultanul Arifeen constructed a mosque in Shaloora..There are two huts in the north of the mosque, one attributed to Baba Abdullah Gazi and the second to Sultanul Arifeen. A festival is celebrated there on   17th of  Hard Bikrami

SHEIKH BABA BEHRAM : This famous and Historical shrine is located in village Karihama. Sheikh Baba had undergone a chilla in Botingu along with a disciple of Sultan-ul Arifeen in compliance to his orders. Zaiti Shah Wali has also been a disciple of this saint. It is believed that on the day of his death he himself dug a grave and descended into it, asking his disciples to close the grave as he had to breathe his last.

Historical Villages in Kupwara District

Badra Kali
Krusan Lolab
Muqam Shahwali
Ram Kund, Lachman Kund

Rest house and Dak Bungalow facilities in Kupwara District

Dak Bungallow Kupwara 

District Budgam

Budgam District is a district of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India. It was part of Srinagar District. Geography of Budgam District covers the 1371 sq.kms area.Budgam district is bounded by the districts of Baramulla and Srinagar in the north side, Pulwama in the south side and the Poonch border in the south-west side. Lakes and Glaciers in Budgam Nilnag Lake    Tosamaidan Lake Main Rivers : Dudhganga River, Mala Kol, Laen Kol, Sona Maen Kol.


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 By : Sameer Hanssan Lolabi(J&K Poli (Submit Date: Nov 11, 2014 )

  I Love my Distt Kupwara....Peeron ki basti,Darvishon ke ghar.

 By : Naseer udin Magry (Submit Date: Sep 03, 2014 )

  Kandi khass is avllage in dist kupwara the vllge iz covered all sides with natural greeenry of frosts .The village is situated in between hndwara and kupwara town .The village is helth resort plce of tourests .in this village there is a famious plce of saduganga were all types of natural beauty iz aviable.

 By : Syed Junaid-ul-Islam (Journali (Submit Date: Sep 20, 2012 )

  I am Journalist hailing from Takiya Khurhama working as Editor in Chief of INSIDE KASHMIR

 By : Citizen of kupwara (Submit Date: Sep 09, 2012 )

  Hirri bala trehgam is a village on kupwara to chokibal highway but the inside link roads of hirri bala are not well because the govt of india cannot respone. so for that purpose we request to govt please and please restructuring the inside link roads of hirr bala kupwara with sufficent magdam thanks .

 By : Rameez raja (Submit Date: Aug 23, 2012 )

  Hirri is a most learning place in kupwara district

 By : lone rameez (Submit Date: Jul 13, 2012 )

  hirri is greatest in kupwara

 By : Khan Sahad (Submit Date: Jul 04, 2012 )

  in kupwara district the village namely halamatpora till date no any facility provided by any government

 By : Dar Bilal (Submit Date: Apr 13, 2012 )

  very nice
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