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List of Hospitals and Clinics in Jhansi

  Topic » Hospitals & clinics in India » Hospitals & clinics in Uttar Pradesh » Uttar Pradesh :: List of Hospitals and Clinics
Post By : Rainrays At 0000-00-00 00:00:00

Prakash Nursing Home
ADDRESS - Awas Vikas, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Prakash Nursing Home
ADDRESS - A-60, Avas Vikas, Nandan Pura, Jhansi - 284001

Savitri Nursing Home
ADDRESS - Gate-2, Medical, Jhansi - 284001

Shiv Nursing Home
ADDRESS - Gwalior Rd, Gwalior Road, Jhansi

Verma Nursing Home
ADDRESS - Manik Chowk, Manik Chowk, Jhansi

Agarwal Maternity Nursing Home
ADDRESS - 41, Sadar Bzr, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Sri SAI Nursing Home
ADDRESS - Kathi Baba, Sipri Bazar, Jhansi - 284002

Sudarshan Jain Nursing Home
ADDRESS - Pachkunya, Manik Chowk, Manik Chowk, Jhansi

Sudha Nursing And Maternity Home
ADDRESS - Shivaji Nager, Kanpur Rd, Kanpur Road, Jhansi - 284001

Tripathi Nursing & Maternity Home
ADDRESS - Sahar, Kotwali, Manik Chowk, Jhansi

Dog Care Home
ADDRESS - Jail Chauraha, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

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Mastana Home Shopie
ADDRESS - Pariwar Plaza, Sipri Bazar, Jhansi - 284002

Anand Hospital
ADDRESS - Infront Of Medical Gate No 1, Kanpur Road, Jhansi - 284001

Kamla Hospital
ADDRESS - Medical Gate-1, Medical, Jhansi - 284001

Kanha Hospital
ADDRESS - Madical Gate No 2, Infront Jamuna Gas Hall, Kanpur Rd, Jhansi

Kapur Hospital
ADDRESS - Eilait Alahbad Bank Rd, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Kilkari Hospitals
ADDRESS - 250, Sadar Bzr, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Lifeline Hospital
ADDRESS - NR Medical College, City Light Road, Kanpur Road, Jhansi - 284001


Lohiya Hospital
ADDRESS - Bara Bzr, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Neeta Hospital
ADDRESS - In Front Of Medical Gate No 4, Medical, Jhansi - 284001

Nigam Hospital
ADDRESS - 1170/2, Satish Ngr, Civil Lines, Jhansi - 284001

Paricha Hospital
ADDRESS - Parichha, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Railway Hospital
ADDRESS - Station, Jhansi

Sabriji Hospital
ADDRESS - Virangana Nagar Nr. Medical College, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Sangivni Hospital
ADDRESS - Ito Office, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Vatsalya Hospital
ADDRESS - Medical Gate No. 2, Karguvan Ji Road, Kanpur Road, Jhansi - 284001

Vinayak Hospital
ADDRESS - Behind Yatrik Hotel, Elite Allahabd Bank Rd, Civil Line Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Dental Clinic
ADDRESS - 39, Sushil Encl, PH-2,, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Gokul Clinics
ADDRESS - Shri Hotel, Bus Stand, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Happy Clinics
ADDRESS - Talliya Mohalla, Jhansi City, Jhansi - 284002

Harsh Clinic
ADDRESS - 47, Chaturyana Ghas Mandi, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Jenya Clinic
ADDRESS - Infront Of Medical College Gate No. 1, Kanpur Road, Jhansi - 284001

Langya Clinic
ADDRESS - Krishna Ngr Clny, Khera,Prem Ngr, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

RAI Clinics
ADDRESS - Bara Gaon Gate Bahar, Jhansi City, Jhansi - 284002

Anand Dental Hospital
ADDRESS - 76-A, Civics Centre, Railway Station, Jhansi - 284003

Bhel Hospital Casualty
ADDRESS - Bhel, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Cantt General Hospital
ADDRESS - Cantt, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Gulati Eye Hospital
ADDRESS - 1st Flr, Indian Oil Dipo Ke Samne,Sipari Bzr, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Happy Family Hospital
ADDRESS - 940 / D1, Jhansi, Civil Line, Civil Line Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001


K Plariya Hospital
ADDRESS - Madical Gate No 2 Ke Samane Kanpur Rd, Medical College, Jhansi - 284001

Laxman Seth Hospital
ADDRESS - Opp Medical College Gate No -2, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Lohiya Eye Hospital
ADDRESS - Medical College, Medical, Jhansi - 284001

Lrm Jain Hospital
ADDRESS - Civil Lines, Jhansi - 284001

MAA Seravali Hospital
ADDRESS - Kanpur Rd, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

MAA Sheravali Hospital
ADDRESS - Kanpur Rd, Shiva Ji Nagar, Jhansi - 284002

Ramsewak Kankane Hospital
ADDRESS - Elite Churaha, Jhansi Ho, Jhansi - 284001

Shri Ji Hospital
ADDRESS - 16-A, Veerangna Nagar Near Madical College, Medical, Jhansi - 284001

Sri Ram Hospital
ADDRESS - University Rd, Medical, Jhansi - 284001

St Judes Hospital
ADDRESS - Sipri Bzr, Sipri Bazar, Jhansi - 284002

Aruna Homiopathic Clinic
ADDRESS - 699, Behind Central Hotel, Chitra Chouraha, Jhansi - 284003

Bundela Homoeopathic Clinic
ADDRESS - Sundar Market, Elite Choraha, Civil Line Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Dr Mittal Clinic
ADDRESS - 109, Tailya, Inside Saiyer Gate, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Dr Sahara Clinic
ADDRESS - Gud Luck Hotels, Lilitpur, Ghanta Ghar, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Dr. Arora Clinic
ADDRESS - Tiwari Complex, Sipri Bazar, Jhansi - 284002

Kesh Homyopathic Clinic
ADDRESS - Opp Nandani Cinema, Elite, Civil Line Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Keshar Gopal Clinic
ADDRESS - Nariya Bzr, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Pachori Homyo Clinic
ADDRESS - Modi Tower, Jeevan Shah Near Elite Choraha, Civil Lines, Jhansi

Raj Kumar Clinics
ADDRESS - Bara Gaon Gate Bahar, Jhansi City, Jhansi - 284002

Shree Shyam Clinic
ADDRESS - Out Side Bara Gaon Gate, Jhansi City, Jhansi - 284002

Vedant Clinics Center
ADDRESS - Out Side Datiya Gate, Jhansi City, Jhansi - 284002

Yash Dental Clinic
ADDRESS - 36 Panchkuiya, Infront Of Rajendra Prasad School, Jhansi City, Jhansi - 284002

Chiranjeev Hospital Pvt Ltd
ADDRESS - Kanpur Rd, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Jiya LAL Memorial Hospital
ADDRESS - Opp Medical College, Kanpur Road, Jhansi - 284001

Mewa Choudhary Memoriaol Hospital
ADDRESS - Opp Mlb Medical College, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Raghvendra Hospital Pvt Ltd
ADDRESS - Opp Gate No-2,Medical College, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Seth Laxman DAS Hospital
ADDRESS - Gate-2, Medical, Jhansi - 284001

Sri Guru Ramdas Hospital
ADDRESS - 423, Masiya Ganj,Jhansi, Railway Station, Jhansi - 284003


Upchar Hospital & Research Centre
ADDRESS - Kanpur Rd, Kanpur Road, Jhansi - 284001

Dr. Shambhu Dayal Clinic
ADDRESS - Main Road, Sipri Bazar, Jhansi - 284002

Dr Giya LAL Memorial Hospital
ADDRESS - Infront Of Medical, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Dr Neeta Hospital & Research Centre
ADDRESS - Medical College Gate No-4, Medical College, Jhansi - 284001

Dr S D Pathak Ayurvadic Hospitals
ADDRESS - Near Nirmal Hospitals, Medical College Gate No 3, Kanpur Road, Jhansi

Maharani Laxmibai Medical College & Hospital
ADDRESS - Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

Dr Mahadevia Hair Transplant Clinic
ADDRESS - 3/A New Brahmakshatriya Society, Nr Pritamnagar Akhada, Paldi, Ahmedabad - 380007 (Also serves JHANSI)

Call - +(91)-(79)-66151182

SAI Astha Fracture & Materity Clinic
ADDRESS - Nr Budholiya Medical Store, Medical College, Jhansi - 284001

SAI Astha Fracture & Materity Clinic
ADDRESS - Nr Budholiya Medical Store, Medical College, Jhansi - 284001

Tata Indicom Exclusive Store T B Hospital
ADDRESS - 37/10, Civil Lines, Jeevan Sewa Chauraha , Opp T B Hospital, Jhansi, Jhansi - 284001

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Shree Sant Asharam Bapu Aushdhi Clinic
ADDRESS - Kotwali Rd, Manik Chowk, Jhansi - 284002

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 By : lifeline_hospitaljhs@rediffmai (Submit Date:Jun 06, 2012)

 kindly add following in list of hospitals at Jhansi,up
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