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Pincode Bagpat District Uttar Pradesh

  Topic » Dictionary of India » Pincode Of india
Post By : Rainrays At 0000-00-00 00:00:00


Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Agarwal Mandi S.O----250601

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Ahera B.O----250609

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Aminagar Sarai S.O----250606

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Asara B.O----250623

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Asarfabad Thal B.O----250623

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Audhapur B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Azampur Mulsam B.O----250622

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Badarkha B.O----250617

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Baghpat S.O----250609

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Baghpat Sugar Mill B.O----250609

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Bali B.O----250601

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Bamnauli S.O----250620

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Baoli S.O----250621

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Baragaon B.O----250101

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Baraut H.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Barawad B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Barka B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Barnawa B.O----250345

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Barwala B.O----250621

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Basaudh B.O----250601

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Basauli B.O----250623

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Bassi B.O----250101

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Bazidpur B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Begmabad Garhi B.O----250622

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Bhagot B.O----250101

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Bharal B.O----250622

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Bijrol B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Bijwara B.O----250345

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Bilochpura B.O----250606

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Binauli S.O----250345

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Bodha B.O----250617

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Budhera B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Budhpur B.O----250623

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Budhsaini B.O----250606

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Chamrawal B.O----250615

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Chandyan B.O----250345

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Chaubli B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Chhaprauli S.O----250617

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Daha B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Daula B.O----250601

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Dhanaura Silver Nagar B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Dhanaura Tikri B.O----250622

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Dhikana B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Dhikauli S.O----250615

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Doghat S.O----250622

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Dohja B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Duttnagar B.O----250626

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Faizpur Ninana B.O----250619

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Fakharpur B.O----250101

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Fatehpur Poothi B.O----250345

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Fazalpur B.O----250345

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Gaidbara B.O----250622

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Galheta B.O----250345

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Gandhi Chowk Baraut S.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Garhi B.O----250601

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Garhi Hazurabad B.O----250606

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Garhi Kalanjiri B.O----250101

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Gauripur B.O----250619

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Ghitora B.O----250101

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Gothra B.O----250101

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Gunga Kheri B.O----250621

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Gurana B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Gwali Khera B.O----250606

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Hewa B.O----250617

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Hilwari B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Hisauda B.O----250615

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Ibrahimpur Mazra B.O----250623

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Idrishpur B.O----250622

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Jaunmana B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Jhundpur B.O----250622

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Jiwana B.O----250345

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Jiwana B.O----250623

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Johri B.O----250345

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Kakor Kalan B.O----250617

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Kakripur B.O----250623

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Kandera B.O----250620

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Kanhar B.O----250622

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Kasimpur Khari B.O----250623

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Khatta B.O----250609

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Khatta Prahladpur B.O----250615

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Khekra S.O----250101

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Khera Hatana B.O----250619

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Kherki B.O----250619

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Khwaja Nagla B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Kirthal B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Kishanpur Baral S.O----250623

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Kotana B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Kurri B.O----250617

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Lalyana B.O----250615

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Lohadda B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Luhari B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Lumb B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Malakpur B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Mawi Kalan B.O----250606

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Mitli B.O----250601

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Mozizabad Nangal B.O----250625

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Mubarikpur B.O----250101

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Muzaffarpur Kanwara B.O----250622

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Muzampur Kamala B.O----250345

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Nai Mandi Baraut S.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Nangal B.O----250617

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Nehru Rd. Baraut S.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Nerojpur Gujar B.O----250601

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Nibali B.O----250601

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Nirpura B.O----250625

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Pabla Begmabad B.O----250615

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Palra B.O----250622

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Palri B.O----250622

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Phulera B.O----250101

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Pilana B.O----250615

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Pusar B.O----250622

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Rajpur Khampur B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Ram Nagar B.O----250606

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Ramala B.O----250623

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Ranchhar B.O----250345

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Rataul B.O----250101

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Rathaura B.O----250617

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Rly. Road Khekra S.O----250101

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Sabga B.O----250617

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Sadiqpur Sinoli B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Saidbhar B.O----250606

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Sankrodh B.O----250101

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Sarurpur Kalan S.O----250619

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Shahpur Banoli B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Sherpur Luhari B.O----250617

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Shikohpur B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Silana B.O----250617

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Singhaoli Ahir B.O----250606

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Sirsalgarh B.O----250345

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Sirsali B.O----250345

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Soop B.O----250623

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Sujra B.O----250601

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Sujti B.O----250625

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Sunehra B.O----250101

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Teodhi B.O----250611

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Tera B.O----250606

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Tikri S.O----250625

Uttar Pradesh----Bagpat----Titroda B.O----250345


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