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Pincode Mau District Uttar Pradesh

  Topic » Dictionary of India » Pincode Of india
Post By : Rainrays At 0000-00-00 00:00:00

Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Adari B.O----275102

Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Ahamadpur Asana B.O----275304
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Ailakhaimilia B.O----221706
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Ali Nagar B.O----275305
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Allauddinpur B.O----276403
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Amila S.O----275301
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Ardauna B.O----221705
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Ariyaso B.O----275105
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Ataraul Pandey B.O----221706
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Bada Gaon B.O----275101
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Badraon B.O----275301
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Badua Godam B.O----275101
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Bahadurpur B.O----221602
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Baktawar Ganj B.O----275101
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Bandi Ghat B.O----275306
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Bandikala B.O----276403
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Bangali Pijara B.O----275101
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Banpokhara B.O----221603
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Bara B.O----276405
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Bariyadih B.O----221601
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Baundih B.O----221603
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Belaujha B.O----221706
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Bhadir B.O----276405
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Bharopur B.O----221603
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Bhatmila B.O----275301
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Bhawaria Sath B.O----275305
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Bhela Bandh B.O----275305
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Bhopaura S.O----275302
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Bibi Pur B.O----276306
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Bojhi Bazar B.O----275301
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Bramhanpur B.O----276129
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Canal Head B.O----275303
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Chakarka B.O----221705
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Chhapara B.O----276129
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Chhichore B.O----221706
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Chiraia Kot S.O----276129
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Dagauli B.O----275306
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Dargah B.O----276306
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Daulasepur B.O----276403
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Dev Kali Tas B.O----276403
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Dhaur Hara B.O----276405
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Dholana B.O----276405
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Dhrampur Bisnupur B.O----221601
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Dohari Ghat S.O----275303
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Dubari S.O----221601
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Duwraon B.O----275101
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Faizullahpur B.O----275305
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Fateh Pur Tal Naraja B.O----275302
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Fatehpur B.O----276402
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Fatehpur Talratoy B.O----221603
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Gahana B.O----221705
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Gahani B.O----221705
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Gajiapur B.O----221601
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Gangupur B.O----221601
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Ghosi S.O (Mau)----275304
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Gokulpura B.O----276402
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Golauri B.O----221706
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Gotha B.O----275303
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Haldharpur S.O----221705
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Halima Bad B.O----276403
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Hamid Pur B.O----275302
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Hardas Pur B.O----275305
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Hathini B.O----275305
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Hemai B.O----275301
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Indara S.O----275102
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Iraura Chaubey Pur B.O----275302
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Jajaauli B.O----221603
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Jamal Mirja Pur S.O----275105
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Jogari B.O----275306
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Kahinaur B.O----275101
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Kaitholi B.O----275101
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Kajha B.O----276129
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Kalyanpur B.O----275105
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Kamalsagar B.O----221602
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Kamarawa B.O----276129
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Kanjhakhurd B.O----276403
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Kanso B.O----221706
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Karaha S.O----276402
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Karami B.O----276129
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Kari Sath B.O----275105
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Kasana B.O----275305
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Katghar Shankar B.O----221603
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Kathtaraon B.O----221602
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Katirahi Bugurg B.O----275301
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Khaira BaL B.O----276403
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Khiriya B.O----275101
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Khurhar B.O----276403
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Kirath Sarai B.O----221705
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Kolaura B.O----276403
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Kopa Ganj S.O----275305
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Lakhani Mubarakpur B.O----275307
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Lalitpur B.O----275307
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Lilari Bharauli B.O----275105
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Madhu Ban S.O----221603
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Mahula B.O----275303
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Majhwara B.O----275307
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Makhmelpur B.O----275307
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Makhuni B.O----276403
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Manik Pur Haraura B.O----275304
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Maryad Pur. S.O----221602
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Mau H.O----275101
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Mau Town S.O----275101
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Mau. R.S. S.O----275101
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Maur Bojh B.O----275105
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Mirjahadipura Chowk, S.O----275101
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Mirpur Rahima Par B.O----275306
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Misarauli B.O----276129
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Misarauli B.O----276306
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Mohammad Pur Math B.O----275305
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Mohammadabad Gohna S.O----276403
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Mohammadabad Sipah B.O----275303
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Mohd' Bad Gohana Chowk S.O----276403
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Molnapur B.O----221601
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Moongmas B.O----275307
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Mustafa Bad B.O----221706
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Nai Bazar B.O----275303
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Narawa Sarai B.O----275302
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Nasira Bad Kala B.O----221706
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Nemdand B.O----221602
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Oril B.O----223222
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Padari B.O----276402
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Pahasa B.O----221705
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Pakari Bujurg B.O----275304
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Pali Garh B.O----276403
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Palia B.O----276403
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Panail B.O----275303
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Parasia B.O----221601
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Parasupur B.O----275307
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Pardaha B.O----275101
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Pawani B.O----275307
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Pidhwal B.O----275105
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Pilsui B.O----275301
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Pindohari B.O----221706
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Piruth Singhpur B.O----275301
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Pithaupur Rasti B.O----276126
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Piwatal B.O----275301
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Raikwardeeh B.O----275101
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Raini B.O----275101
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Rajapur B.O----276402
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Rampur B.O----221602
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Rampur Sohand B.O----275301
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Rangdih B.O----276305
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Rani Puj B.O----276129
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Rasepur B.O----276129
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Rasoolpur B.O----276306
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Ratan Pura S.O----221706
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Sachui B.O----276129
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Saharoj B.O----275305
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Salahabad B.O----275101
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Sansarava B.O----276402
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Sarai Ganesh B.O----275105
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Sarauda B.O----276129
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Sarvan B.O----275101
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Saundih B.O----221603
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Semari Jamal Pur S.O----275307
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Semrajpur B.O----221706
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Siddha Ahilashpur B.O----221603
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Singdhwal B.O----221706
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Sipaibrahima Bad B.O----221603
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Sulatanipur B.O----276402
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Sultan Pur B.O----275304
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Surahu Pur B.O----276403
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Tajopur B.O----275101
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Talai Pur B.O----221705
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Towa B.O----276305
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Umapur B.O----275101
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Undaura B.O----221603
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Usari Khurd B.O----275301
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Walid Pur S.O----276405
Uttar Pradesh----Mau----Yakubpur B.O----276402

Pincode North Cachar Hills District Assam

Assam----North Cachar Hills----Assam Quary B.O----788931

Assam----North Cachar Hills----Bagetar B.O----788820 Assam----North Cachar Hills----Bandarkhal B.O----788818 Assam----North Cachar Hills----Baro Mulkoi B.O----788818 Assam----North Cachar Hills----Borolabang B.O----788931 Assam----North Cachar Hills----Christiankempai B.O----788819 Assam----North Cachar Hills----Dautohaza B.O----788830 Assam----North Cachar Hills----Dehangi B.O----788819 Assam----North Cachar Hills----Dezabra B.O----788832


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