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Pincode Rampur District Uttar Pradesh

  Topic » Dictionary of India » Pincode Of india
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Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Aghapur B.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Ahmad Nagar Kalan B.O----244927
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Ahor B.O----244921
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Ajit Pur B.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Anwaria Talibabad B.O----244921
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Azim Nagar B.O----244927
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Babura B.O----243701
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Bakania B.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Bara Gaon B.O----244922
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Bara Khas B.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Begamabad B.O----244921
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Benazir B.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Bhainsori B.O----243701
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Bhansia Jawalapuri B.O----244921
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Bhawani Nagar B.O----244924
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Bhonrka B.O----243701
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Bhot B.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Bhot Baqqal B.O----244924
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Bilaspur (Rampur) S.O----244921
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Bilaspur Chini Mill S.O----244923
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----C & M Store S.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----C.R.P. Hq S.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Chamroa B.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Chandain B.O----244923
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Chandela B.O----244921
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Chikti Ramnagar B.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Civil Line Rampur S.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Daryal B.O----244925
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Deorania B.O----244927
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Dhakia B.O----244922
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Dhamorah B.O----243701
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Dhaneli Uttari B.O----243701
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Dhanupura B.O----244925
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Dheeraj Nagar B.O----244925
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Doondawala B.O----244924
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Gangapur Purvi B.O----243701
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Ghrampur Narendrapur B.O----244922
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Hamidabad B.O----244921
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Hamirpur B.O----244927
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Ialam Ganj S.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Ishanagar B.O----244921
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Jiwai Kadim B.O----243701
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Juthia B.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Jwala Nagar S.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Kakrawa B.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Kashipur B.O----244927
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Kaushal Ganj B.O----244923
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Kemri S.O (Rampur)----244928
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Keorar B.O----243701
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Kerenthi B.O----244922
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Khamaria B.O----243701
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Khandia B.O----244921
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Khempur B.O----244921
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Khempur B.O----244924
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Khod B.O----244927
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Khod Sharif B.O----244924
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Khusro Bagh B.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Kira B.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Kiramcha B.O----243701
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Koila B.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Koop B.O----243701
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Kunwarpur B.O----244924
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Lalpur Kalan B.O----244927
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Lambakhera B.O----244925
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Loha B.O----243701
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----M.B.Rampur S.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Madhauli B.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Madhukar B.O----244922
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Mahu Nagar B.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Mankara B.O----243701
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Manpur B.O----244924
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Manpur B.O----244925
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Maswasi B.O----244924
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Mathuraour B.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Matkhera B.O----244921
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Meerapur Meerganj B.O----244924
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Meston Ganj S.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Milak Khanam B.O----244921
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Milak S.O----243701
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Modipur S.O----244926
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Mulla Khera B.O----244921
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Mursaina B.O----244927
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Naglia Aqil B.O----244927
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Nanka Rani B.O----244924
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Nankar B.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Narkhera B.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Nawabganj B.O----244921
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Nipania B.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Paigamberpur B.O----244921
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Panwaria B.O----244923
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Param B.O----243701
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Parshupura B.O----243701
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Patti Basantpur B.O----243701
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Patwai B.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Piagamberpur B.O----244924
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Pipali Nayak B.O----244925
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Pipalia Gopal B.O----244921
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Punjab Nagar B.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Purana Ganj S.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Puswara B.O----244924
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Ramnagar Latifpur B.O----244925
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Rampur Buzurg B.O----244923
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Rampur Chowk S.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Rampur City S.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Rampur Distilliry S.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Rampur H.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Rampur Secretariate S.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Rasdandia B.O----244921
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Ratanpura B.O----244921
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Rathonda B.O----243701
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Rawana B.O----244922
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Rawari Kalan B.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Rehmatganj B.O----244924
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Roshan Bag Road B.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Said Nagar S.O----244927
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Samodia B.O----244924
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Shahabad S.O (Rampur)----244922
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Silai Bara Gaon B.O----243701
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Simaria B.O----244921
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Singhankhera B.O----244927
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Suar S.O----244924
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Swarg Farm B.O----244923
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Tanda B.O----244922
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Tanda Badli S.O----244925
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Tehsil Rampur S.O----244901
Uttar Pradesh----Rampur----Unchagaon B.O----244922

Pincode Banka District Bihar


Bihar----Banka----Abhiyudayasharan B.O----813101

Bihar----Banka----Ahiro B.O----813110

Bihar----Banka----Amarpur S.O (Banka)----813101

Bihar----Banka----Auria B.O----813103

Bihar----Banka----Bagduma S.O----813117

Bihar----Banka----Bahrna B.O----813207

Bihar----Banka----Baid Pur B.O----813221

Bihar----Banka----Baidachak B.O----813101

Bihar----Banka----Bairoganj B.O----813106

Bihar----Banka----Balia Mahra B.O----813103

Bihar----Banka----Baliamehra B.O----813102

Bihar----Banka----Bamdev B.O--..


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